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VAT specialist

Duy is practicing international tax law since 2007 with a strong focus on VAT. Before joining Fisconti in 2019 Duy worked at Deloitte, PwC and EY. Duy has experience in all kinds of tax law matters including litigation, set-up and restructuring of international business models, M&A, negotiating deals with the Tax Authorities, Tax Control Framework implementations, Horizontal Monitoring management, tax technology applications, ERP-systems implementations and general tax management. His style is client centric and practical taking into the equation the business and organizational drivers of the client.

Duy is a subject matter expert in the field of e-commerce, digital economy, technology and telecommunications for major global businesses in these industries. Further, Duy has been advising multinational businesses in the consumer products and retail sector regards their European and their e-commerce operations. Also Duy has extended experience in the cross border energy trading business, advising for more than 10 years energy traders with global operations.

Since the outcome of the Brexit referendum in 2017 Duy has been heavily involved in advising businesses on the Brexit impact on various subjects, e.g. Customs, VAT, supply chain, regulatory, people, logistics, IT, legal contracts, etc.

Duy graduated from the Tilburg University in2007 (Master Taxation; Bachelor Taxation; Propaedeutic diploma Economics). Duy also finished his post-doc tax law education at the Dutch Order of Tax Advisers (NOB) in 2010.


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