Business succession

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Business succession

After years of hard work, you have finally built up a successful company. However, successful entrepreneurship also requires the ability to anticipate future developments. You may want to examine the issue of succession, whether it be in the short or long term. Will your company’s current structure allow for a smooth transfer to a potential successor?

Fisconti can help you plan your business succession process. For example, we can help you adjust your company’s structure in such a way that the proceeds of a future sale will go to you rather than being largely spent on tax payments. In other cases, we can help you restructure in such a way that a potential successor will be able to continue your business without encountering any serious financial problems.

Timely succession planning is crucial. In some cases, the Tax Authorities may require you to wait for up to six years before allowing you to transfer your company in a fiscally attractive manner.

When the time finally comes to transfer your company to your chosen successor, Fisconti can help you select the most appropriate transfer method. The limitation of fiscal and legal risk is crucial in this regard. If your successor will not be paying the purchase price in one installment, Fisconti can help you set up a suitable payment scheme or phased transfer process. In the event of a transfer within your own family, the Tax Authorities will critically assess the transfer price. In order to prevent the risk of disputes after the fact, we can submit your transfer and price agreements to the Tax Authorities in advance in order to obtain certainty before the process begins.