Clarity  Overview

Value Added Tax

If you do business in the EU, you will quickly come into contact with EU VAT regulations. Our aim is to help you with this and to unburden you. It is important to ensure that you can continue to do business in the simplest way possible without getting tangled up in a forest of VAT regulations. As an advisor we can help you with this and come up with a good plan. The starting point is always your wishes and organizational model. We do not only look at this from a VAT perspective, but other matters are also of great importance. For example, you should think about customs and transfer pricing obligations.

We also like to give our plan and framework hands and feet. hanks to our large European and worldwide network, we can help you with the implementation and roll-out of the plan in every country. Our services include:

  • VAT planning and international VAT advice
  • Practical implementation instructions and manuals
  • EU VAT registrations and licence applications
  • VAT compliance and acting as a VAT representative
  • VAT quick scans

Our Experts in VAT.

Michel Toet

Guido van Asperen

Duy Nguyen