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Fisconti Tax Consulting is specialised in providing tax consultancy services to businesses. Our clients are Dutch and multinational companies ranging from start-up businesses to long-time established institutions. Fisconti’s client base includes some of the world’s leading businesses. Our clients are active in a variety of industries.

Experience is absolutely essential for providing tax consultancy of the highest quality. It is therefore important that the consultants working for Fisconti have gained several years’ work experience at large international “Big Four” tax consultancy firms. This allows our clients to benefit from the substantial experience we can offer when applying tailored, creative and, above all, workable tax solutions.

Our experience also gives Fisconti access to a network of independent tax consultants who can provide advice of the highest quality and with whom we share the same principles. This enables us to provide our clients with assistance and advice outside our specialised field also.

Fisconti’s aim is to fully understand your business and to be considered a logical and vital extension of your organisation. When it comes to tax matters we want to be a true partner with you and your company. We think this attitude is crucial to our being able to give pro-active advice and create solutions that perfectly fit your organisation’s unique situation.


As a specialist tax firm which isn’t part of an audit organisation, Fisconti is not hindered by the increasingly stringent rules regarding auditors’ independence. We can genuinely look after your company’s interest without the hesitation, restrictions and impractical pre-approval procedures that go with being part of an audit firm nowadays. Fisconti can give immediate assistance and thus become a true partner for its clients.

Free of any pressure to meet pre-set revenue targets, we can also give an opinion on the advisability of engaging other specialists. This enables us always to offer you a solution that is tailored to your needs and wishes.

Another benefit of Fisconti’s independent status is that we can provide hands-on assistance in implementing solutions, and help you turn ideas into reality.


Although all top level tax consultants may seem similar at first glance, the process of working with them can differ considerably from the one to the other. In our relationship with clients we want our clients to enjoy working with Fisconti just as much as we enjoy working with them.

Fisconti Tax Consulting was built on the principle that providing top quality advice starts with a strong connection and good communication between client and tax consultant. This enables us to understand your situation and personal preferences. We believe that clients deserve attentive, involved and creative tax counselling.

The experience and the quality of your tax consultant are a decisive factor in enabling you to achieve your tax objectives, and contribute to the safeguarding of your interests. We invest a lot of time and money in the quality of our services and are not willing to make any concessions in this area.

Your interest is not served by our overcomplicating tax issues or transforming tax consulting services into a mere magical show. Neither is it in your interest for us to perform time-consuming investigations into alternatives where an experienced consultant with knowledge of you and your organisation would know beforehand that either they simply will not work or have no potential within the context of your business. We feel that we can serve your interests by anticipating your needs and providing solutions that are timely, clear and pragmatic.

Working at/with Fisconti

Working with Fisconti means exceeding your own expectations. Regardless of your personal or business ambitions, you will find unlimited opportunities at Fisconti.

Fisconti’s ambition is to be recognised and acknowledged as a leading tax consultancy for large and medium-sized (Dutch as well as multinational) companies. This does not mean that we aim to be one of the largest advisory firms. Quality will always be our top priority even if it means slowing down the growth of the firm. When we speak of quality, we mean not only the quality of our services but also the quality of life of the people involved in Fisconti. We are convinced that our ambition can be achieved through the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of the people who work – in whatever form – at and with Fisconti.

We are always interested in meeting talented and enterprising tax specialists who share Fisconti’s vision and values. Fisconti Tax Consulting is open to any form of employment (full-time or part-time) and various forms of collaboration.


Unfortunately we currently have no vacancies available. If you are still interested, please contact us.