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The activities of Fisconti Tax Consulting are not limited to the Dutch territory alone. We help our clients with international (foreign) tax matters as well. Our extensive experience working in international tax consulting have brought us many contacts with tax consultants in other countries.

Like Fisconti itself, these foreign tax consultants are members of the Corporate Tax Alliance ( This is a global network of independent tax consultants specialised in corporate taxation and with many years' experience in advising national and international companies. Together with these foreign colleagues we are able to offer a comprehensive solution for your cross-border tax issues.

Although the Corporate Tax Alliance is represented in increasingly more countries, it is possible that your company is active in a country that has no CTA representation (as yet).

In these countries as well, we can select a tax consultant for you or use existing contacts with advisors in such country. One of the benefits of being an independent firm is that we are entirely free in our choice of which foreign tax consultants to engage. We have only one commitment in this regard: that to our client.

Our Experts in International.

Jan van Tilburg

Guido van Asperen

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Trade Agreement UK And EU

On 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom has left the EU Single Market and Customs Union, and all EU policies. Although it is goods that a Trade Agreement has been reached, the separation can still be qualified as a 'Hard Brexit'.

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Proposed Dutch Withholding Tax Amendments

In order to increase the competitiveness of the Dutch corporate tax system, the Dutch Ministry of Finance has introduced draft legislation that will result in the abolishment of Dutch dividend withholding tax in more cases.

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